I Know Why You’re Not Happy (You Haven’t Been Exposed to VLookups)

So my friend came to me this weekend, after having a wonderful Thanksgiving with his family in Virginia, and he was looking like this: Now some may think possibly: He ate too much He had not been around me in a full week He loves his momma a lot and misses her But wait IContinue reading “I Know Why You’re Not Happy (You Haven’t Been Exposed to VLookups)”

Simple Loop in VBA

Before we run we must crawl.  Before we loop through 5000 simulations with many moving parts we need to be able to do a simple loop. Here’s today’s Pro Tip:  Name important cells (I think you’ll understand what determines important in a few moments) so you can use them in your VBA macros!  Below you’llContinue reading “Simple Loop in VBA”

Each Huge Journey Begins with One Small Step

She passed me the money in two wads of cash, each having a blue band wrapped around the middle.  One was slightly bigger, that must be the one with all the twenties.  I saw her pass all the money through the counting machine but I still wanted to go to my car and count it. Continue reading “Each Huge Journey Begins with One Small Step”